The Godfather Tour

The Godfather shore tour

The godfather Tour

A journey back in time to the past: To Savoca, Forza D’Agro’ and Castiglione. An Introduction to the true real Sicily. Where you can explore the villages with a local driver who is proud to call home.

The Godfahter Tour


The Godfather Tour

After having left your accommodation, you will visit the lovely medieval bough of Savoca.


Godfather shore Tour

To follow on for a short drive along the east coastline to reach the famous Church of San Nicola also known as the Church of Santa Lucia which was the setting in the film “The Godfather” for the wedding of Al Pacino and Apollonia.


Il Padrino Tour

Then continuing on to visit the rest of the village with its famous “Bar Vitelli”, which was one of Francis Ford Coppola’s favourites places.


Savoca e Il Padrino Tour

Tour Time: 4 hrs approx…


Tour de Il Padrino 

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